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Fish Cat 4 Deluxe - LCS Float Tube Fish Cat 4 Deluxe - LCS Float Tube
The only reason your dad bought you the Fish Cat 4 Deluxe LCS Float Tube was so that you could actually join him in the middle of the lake for some angling action. It's not likely he envisioned you placing this inflatable fishing platform in the center of your living room and then buying fish-stand lamps and fish-print curtains as complementary decor. Yeah it's comfortable, but you really should use it out on the water. A step up from the 4 LCS, the 4 Deluxe LCS comes with an inflatable seat and seatback to provide maximum on-water comfort for longer fishing days (or sci-fi movie marathons). Since it's inflatable all over, the Deluxe deflates into a tidy package, making storage or portability simple. Two massive cargo pockets hold all ilks of important items: nippers, hemostats, beer, pretzels, foam darts and dart gun, and extra sunscreen. Whether you're a novice or recreational angler, the Deluxe specializes in getting you better access to fish that lurk only smack-dab in the center of lakes, ponds, and reservoirs.
Fish Cat Scout Frameless Fishing Boat Fish Cat Scout Frameless Fishing Boat
You're always scouting out new spots to search for fish, so make the most of your journey to new rivers and lakes with the Fish Cat Scout Frameless Fishing Boat. It has a compact design that's easy to toss in the back of your car or truck, and it's even light and compact enough for airline travel, so you can seek out strange new species and exotic locations.
NRS Otter Series Raft NRS Otter Series Raft
Whether you're out for a day float on a local rapid or heading into a remote canyon for a week, the NRS Otter Series Raft is here to handle it. It's compact enough to navigate tight sections of river, but still large enough to carry heavy loads on multi-day trips. Paddle it as is for quick and easy floats, or attach a rowing frame on more demanding adventures. It seats six to nine paddlers and offers room for a third thwart thanks to the NRS BAT system. Heavy-duty Pennel Orca material is highly abrasion-resistant to stand up to rocky river bottoms, and it's also chemical- and UV-resistant for long-lasting performance. HD40 floor armor on the bottoms of the tube guard add extra rugged durability where you need it most. Three main tube air chambers keep you afloat in the event of an accident. The self-bailing floor with quick-draining holes lets you leave the bucket at home. Leafield C7 valves make inflation and deflation simple. Four handles allow for easy put in, take out, and portaging, and 12 stainless D-rings offer plenty of tie-down points for your gear.
Outcast Fat Cat - LCS Float Tube Outcast Fat Cat - LCS Float Tube
No longer will you be miffed by rising fish in the center of the lake, pond, or reservoir when you have the Outcast Fat Cat LCS. This comfortable, stable, U-shaped float tube keeps your knees up and out of the water, gives you access to the entire lake, and has an adjustable stripping apron that provides a stellar way to control your line.
TFO SpringBrook Linekurv Stripping Basket TFO SpringBrook Linekurv Stripping Basket
Leave the circle dancing for Friday nights and keep your line well-organized with the TFO SpringBrook Linekurv Stripping Basket. Ideal for beach casting in Virginia or boat fishing in the Florida Keys, this hardy stripping basket not only ensures that your line remains clean, but also discourages it from getting tangled up around rocks, oysters, and your dancing shoes, of course. The included belt provides a fine-tuned fit and assures maximum efficiency when worn at the waist.

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