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Brunton Lost Hiker Kit Brunton Lost Hiker Kit
You wouldn't leave the house without your wallet (though, you've done it before and wouldn't recommend it), so why would you embark on a multi-day trip through the Bitterroots without the Brunton Lost Hiker Kit' With a design that's no larger than a credit card, the Lost Hiker Kit easily fits within the confines of your pack and features a disk compass, magnifying lens, signaling mirror, and emergency information, which are all fashioned to provide assistance in crisis situations.
Sale Price: $7.49
DeLorme Earthmate App for Mobile DeLorme Earthmate App for Mobile
Whether you're kayaking from point to point in Maine or trekking the Appalachian Trail, the DeLorme Earthmate App for Mobile provides you ample topographic information, without unnecessary information overload. Store this mobile-friendly, fully-featured GPS navigation app on your device as it comes with unlimited access to all North America topographic maps. The app has unlimited cloud storage for all of your data, online route mapping, waypoint planning and more while the the easy to use features and simple syncing makes trip planning a breeze. Activation code and instructions will be sent in pamphlet package. After the first year, annual renewal is available directly from DeLorme.
Sale Price: $14.97
Garmin eTrex Touch 25 GPS Garmin eTrex Touch 25 GPS
With its sunlight-readable color touchscreen, detailed basemap, and 3-axis compass, the Garmin eTrex Touch 25 GPS keeps you informed and savvy to your precise whereabouts. So, whether you're exploring off trail routes in the Sawtooths or cruising down an old highway somewhere outside of Albuquerque, the eTrex is designed to keep you in touch and in-the-know. This basic and easy-to-use GPS unit tracks both GPS and GLONASS satellites for quick and accurate positioning and features a tilt compensated compass that provides reliable headings when you're on the move. It comes with 4GB of internal memory and is equipped with a microSD card slot where additional topo maps and pre-loaded BlueChart cards can be loaded into the device. This device also boasts a rugged construction that allows it to withstand contact with rain, snow, splashes, and the occasional (and most frequently unexpected) brief submersion.
Sale Price: $199.99
goTenna goTenna V1 goTenna goTenna V1
Just because you're out of cell service range doesn't mean you have to be out of touch with the world. The goTenna V1 pairs with your smartphone via a simple app to allow you to send messages, share your location, or access offline maps when you're deep in the wilderness. Use it to keep in touch with friends at home, stay connected to members of your group, or reserve it for emergency use--no matter what you have in store for it, it's a smaller, smarter, and much more versatile alternative to walkie-talkies. Not only can the goTenna deliver messages and location via GPS, but it also has a built-in radio. And since the box includes two goTenna devices with your purchase, you can communicate directly with other members of your group when close enough (half a mile in congested locations, up to four miles in open environments). It's so lightweight you'll barely notice it's there, and it's weatherproof so you don't have to worry about it succumbing to sudden storms.
Sale Price: $124.93
SPOT Global Phone Data Cable SPOT Global Phone Data Cable
Easily connect your SPOT Global Phone with your computer to access the internet, email, and private data networks with the SPOT Global Phone Data Cable. Ideal for off-grid adventures, this data cable, along with a SPOT data subscription and Global Phone (both sold separately), facilitates easy connection with friends and family when you're exploring far-flung regions of the world. Additionally, this cable features a USB output that easily connects to both PCs and Macs for seamless data connection on your preferred computer platform.
Sale Price: $13.96

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