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Cleary Bikes Starfish 12in Kids' Balance Bike - 2017 Cleary Bikes Starfish 12in Kids' Balance Bike - 2017
It was only a matter of time since your little superstar started running around the front yard that life on two-wheels would come calling. Happily, you can settle the nerves and help your little tike learn valuable skills with the 2017 Cleary Starfish 12in Kid's Balance Bike. With no pedals, forward motion is driven one foot at a time in the quest for adventure, and the much need skill of balance is learned naturally. And if your pip-squeak gets going a bit too fast for their liking, front and rear brakes are there to keep growth a bit more manageable for you both.
Sale Price: $150.00
Diamondback Jr Venom Kids' Bike - 2017 Diamondback Jr Venom Kids' Bike - 2017
Part bmx and part moto-inspired, the Diamondback Jr Venom Kids' Bike gives pint-sized rippers the saucy graphics and fun-riding platform desired for roosting skids around corners and hitting plywood jumps in the driveway. The Hi-Ten steel frame is incredibly resilient to crashes and everyday spills, giving you assurance that it'll last for years to come. 20-inch wheels roll smoothly on burly 2. 125-inch tires with enough tread for light off-road use. For stopping in a hurry, both the coaster-style and hand brake come in handy for little speed demons. There's even a rear fender that protects them from spraying water and dirt when they're getting rad in the neighborhood.
Sale Price: $140.00
Diamondback Micro Venom Kids' Bike - 2017 Diamondback Micro Venom Kids' Bike - 2017
Built to bite your little one with the "biking bug"(only figuratively, of course!), the Diamondback Kids' Micro Venom Bike is the ideal beginner rig and will have him hooked before he even makes to the end of the street. The high-tensile steel frame is well-equipped to handle the inevitable bumps and spills that are traditionally inseparable from the learning process, while the easy-to-access and intuitive coaster brakes provide reliable stopping power for riders still developing coordination. The knobby 12in tires are not only sized right for your pint-sized rider, but are rugged enough, at just over 2in wide, to give him the traction and stability he needs when practicing steering and handling. Diamondback included a chain guard to protect curious, wayward fingers and pieces of clothing, and the included training wheels ensure extra confidence when he takes his first tentative pedal strokes.
Sale Price: $119.00
Diamondback Mini Venom Kids' Bike - 2017 Diamondback Mini Venom Kids' Bike - 2017
The Diamondback Mini Venom Kids' Bike is decked out in vibrant color schemes and 16-inch mag wheels that give tiny riders the impression that they're flying across the neighborhood in superhero style. It comes with removable training wheels for added confidence when they're learning to balance upright in an open parking lot or extended driveway. The rear fender protects their clothing from flinging water and dirt, as well as adding unmistakable coolness to this sweet whip. 2. 125-inch tires grip across asphalt and light off-road surfaces, should you take your little cyclist over a scenic gravel trail. For quick stopping, Diamondback sticks with coaster-style brakes, which are by far the easiest for little kids to use.
Sale Price: $133.00
Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike
Get your little one saddled up and on the bike earlier than ever with the Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike. Strider has been revolutionizing the way kids learn how to ride bikes for 10-years, and the 12 Pro is their lightest weight model, making it easier for smaller groms to maneuver and learn at an earlier age. The unique nature of Strider bikes teaches kids to maintain balance without pedals, so they can take their time learning how to maneuver and turn until they are confident enough to step up to a pedal bike without the need of training wheels, which can hinder balance progression. The Strider 12 Pro is made completely of aluminum alloy, allowing Strider's designers to shave off as much weight as possible, landing the bike at a miniscule 5. 3lbs so your mini-me can ride for longer without becoming fatigued. The seatpost is adjustable from 11-to-19-inches right out of the box, ideal for 18-month to 3-year olds with an inseam between 12 and 20-inches, and the bike comes along with an additional seatpost to extend the bike's life all the way to 5-years-old. The handlebar height is also adjustable, so you can raise It higher as your little one grows. The Strider 12 Pro sets its self apart from the regular Strider 12 Classic with its lighter weight materials, race-ready number plate, tool-free adjustable seatpost and handlebar, and performance footrest. Like other models, the 12 Pro features Strider's puncture-proof EVA foam tires that never need maintenance, and 5-spoke wheels with sealed cartridge bearings to keep your grom rolling.
Sale Price: $149.99
Strider 16 Sport Kids Bike - 2017 Strider 16 Sport Kids Bike - 2017
Let's face it, your child is a cycling guru, and will soon be taking you to school. The Strider 16 Sport Kid's Bike is here to ensure your child's goals become reality, serving as an ideal transition model to an adult-sized bike. Updated from the previous year, the Strider 16 is the largest children's model and comes loaded with impressive features. As with all Strider bikes, it is push-powered with your child using feet to propel and then balancing to coast forward. Strider adds a removable, stationary platform pedal mounts for coasting or for performing tricks at the local parks. The cockpit is set with a three-degree sweep handlebar and paired with hand-lever front and rear brakes. The build is finished with a plush saddle, all-terrain tires, and an adjustable height seatpost that helps the bike growth with your child.
Sale Price: $199.00

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