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Benchmade Arvensis Knife Benchmade Arvensis Knife
Designed by renowned knife designer, Shane Sibert, the Benchmade Arvensis Knife is a beautifully crafted fixed blade that's extremely tough and well balanced. The Arvensis Knife is a great all-purpose knife for hunting, fishing, and wilderness treks. It's available in two versions: a straight edge knife for smooth, controlled cuts and a hybrid edge knife for extra cutting power. The subtle clip point blade gives you masterful precision when you're dressing game in the field or preparing a campfire in the wilderness. The stainless steel material delivers corrosion-resistant longevity for years of dependable use, and the G-10 composite handle maintains a light feel for precise cuts. Also, there's an included sheath for protective storage and safe carrying.
Sale Price: $149.96
Gerber SB 2.5 Folding Knife - Fine Edge Gerber SB 2.5 Folding Knife - Fine Edge
When you need to travel light, turn to the Gerber Fine Edge SB 2. 5 Folding Knife for a smart design that features weight-reducing cutouts. The handsome high-carbon stainless steel blade is easily opened with one hand thanks to dual thumbstuds, while the smooth aluminum handle keeps things featherlight.
Sale Price: $9.18
Helle Steinbit Knife Helle Steinbit Knife
Maybe the fish aren't biting because they know about your crappy, dull, old fillet knife. Equip your kit with the Helle Steinbit Knife, and maybe those walleye will start to get a bit hungry from the nightcrawlers you're tossing their way. The thin and flexible blade is made of non-laminated Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, making it ideal for efficiently turning your catch into your dinner. The beautiful curly birch wood handle is curved to fit your hand perfectly, and it's pretty enough to make your angling skills look good even if you catch more tree branches and seaweed than anything else.
Sale Price: $91.16
Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh... Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh...
Refresh your tired carabiner with the key-clipping, bottle-popping performance of the Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh. This nifty little biner features dual gate closures for sturdy clipping. Clip a water bottle to a backpack, hang camp lanterns, or clip two items together--the possibilities are nearly endless. Proving this little biner isn't named the Ahhh for nothing, its dual bottle openers come in handy when it's time to crack a cold one. And because it's relatively small, it's great for taking into the backcountry and on the trail, making you the life of the party wherever you roam. Note that this biner isn't designed for climbing or securing heavy loads.
Sale Price: $3.16
Petzl Spatha Knife Petzl Spatha Knife
Petzl designed the Spatha Knife to specifically address a climber's needs. This combo blade easily cuts through ropes and cordellette when you need to make an emergency anchor, and it slices through meats and cheeses if you're camping by the crag. A CariTool carabiner attachment lets you clip this knife to harnesses, backpacks, and placements in case your second needs it. A notch in the blade with a textured wheel provides a one-handed opening if your other hand is busy keeping you on the wall, and a locking mechanism helps you not cut your fingers off.
Sale Price: $22.46
Roark Revival Cassius Knife Roark Revival Cassius Knife
Ready to get you out of a pinch on the trail, the Roark Revival Cassius Knife has a hard-hitting stainless steel, serrated edge for reliable versatility. Plus, its folding capabilities helps save space while protecting your skin, and the clip keeps it at the ready on your belt loop if trouble comes up quick.
Sale Price: $51.96
Roark Revival Saigon Special Knife Roark Revival Saigon Special Knife
Saigon Special Knife
Sale Price: $35.96
Victorinox EvoGrip S18 Swiss Army Knife Victorinox EvoGrip S18 Swiss Army Knife
A knife that slips out of your hand at the wrong time isn't much use, so Victorinox built the EvoGrip S18 Swiss Army Knife with a grippy Celidor and rubber handle to make sure it stays securely in your palm when you need it to. The EvoGrip also has all the classic Swiss Army tools and then some, including locking knife and saw blades, screwdrivers, bottle and can openers, and scissors, so you'll be prepared for whatever the wilderness throws your way.
Sale Price: $47.96
Victorinox Hercules Swiss Army Knife Victorinox Hercules Swiss Army Knife
The Hercules Swiss Army Knife is not a mythical tool from Greece. It's a small, yet powerful asset to your hiking gear, camping supplies, toolbox, or glovebox from a very real country of multilingual mountaineers. The solid craftsmanship and intricate design features basic tools you'd need to finish up a list of partially-completed tasks around the house, MacGyver your way out of a hostage situation, or cut off your own limb in a remote canyon far from civilization.
Sale Price: $71.16
Victorinox Hunter XT Swiss Army Knife Victorinox Hunter XT Swiss Army Knife
Before heading into the backcountry in pursuit of game, make sure you're prepared for unexpected challenges and daily tasks with the Victorinox Hunter XT Swiss Army Knife. The razor-sharp drop-point blade provides all-around cutting performance while the serrated gut-hook blade allows you to efficiently dress game out in the field. Plus, the oval thumb holes allow for easy one-handed opening.
Sale Price: $43.96
Victorinox SwissChamp SOS Kit Victorinox SwissChamp SOS Kit
Packed with a dizzying array of some 48 tools, the Victorinox SwissChamp SOS Kit provides the ultimate solution to fixing anything that comes your way. This premium pocket knife is a great choice for those hiking, camping, or fishing on a regular basis, as well as DIY enthusiasts tinkering around the house. Like all of Victorinox's legendary pocket knives, the SwissChamp features stainless steel blades for precise cutting and corrosion-resistant longevity. Multiple screwdrivers lend functionality for tightening common screws and repairing mechanical items. Scissors and pliers make easy work of cutting and clamping, and the wood saw effortlessly slices through rope and twigs. Another cool feature is the addition of a Maglite Solitaire Flashlight, which illuminates the dark when you're spending time in the great outdoors. As a cool bonus, the SwissChamp includes a leather pouch for refined style and convenient carrying.
Sale Price: $98.30

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