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Benchmade G10 Griptilian Knife Benchmade G10 Griptilian Knife
The Griptilian family is Benchmade's largest collection available, and Benchmade upgraded this G10 Griptilian Knife with a premium stainless steel blade and a softer handle. The blade comes in a hybrid serrated edge for extra cutting power, or a straight edge for smooth cuts. There are also safer sheepsfoot or lowered drop-point tips. The G10 handle features Benchmade's reliable Axis locking mechanism for security.
Sale Price: $124.31
Blackburn Switch Mini Tool Blackburn Switch Mini Tool
Switch Mini Tool
Sale Price: $14.99
Gerber River Shorty Knife Gerber River Shorty Knife
The Gerber River Shorty knife is an ideal tool for rafting, kayaking, and diving. This knife features a blunt tip, full serration drop point fixed blade with molded handle for strength and reliability. Blade is of medium-carbon stainless steel, high polished to reduce corrosion. The hard plastic handle is molded over the blade tang, virtually making it a one-piece knife. There are several ridges formed in the handle so the user can easily and quickly locate the edge of the blade. The holes in the handle are designed primarily to reduce weight and can be used for security (tie down). The River Shorty's hard plastic sheath allows the knife to be inserted in 2 positions. 3 audible clicks let you know the knife is secure. The sheath can be attached to a belt, boot, or PFD using the pocket clip. It can also be permanently attached using the 2 plastic rivets.
Sale Price: $29.21
Helle Temagami CA Knife Helle Temagami CA Knife
Helle's Nordic craftsmen designed the Temagami CA Knife for the most rugged wilderness chores. You might not believe this, because this knife's beautiful shape and gorgeous curly birch handle make it look like it was built just for display. This bushcraft-style knife features a tough triple laminated carbon steel blade that holds an excellent edge and makes for easy sharpening. Not only is the handle pretty, but it also has a shape that allows for superior control in a variety of situations and positions, making it ideal as a go-to outdoor knife. A small finger guard and unique design minimize contact between your fingers and the metal, which adds comfort in cold weather and safety no matter what the situation. The Scandinavian-style leather pouch sheath keeps your knife secure without the need for snaps or straps.
Sale Price: $159.16
Petzl Spatha Knife Petzl Spatha Knife
Petzl designed the Spatha Knife to specifically address a climber's needs. This combo blade easily cuts through ropes and cordellette when you need to make an emergency anchor, and it slices through meats and cheeses if you're camping by the crag. A CariTool carabiner attachment lets you clip this knife to harnesses, backpacks, and placements in case your second needs it. A notch in the blade with a textured wheel provides a one-handed opening if your other hand is busy keeping you on the wall, and a locking mechanism helps you not cut your fingers off.
Sale Price: $22.46
Victorinox Bike Tool Victorinox Bike Tool
Swiss precision moves beyond your timepiece and trusty folding blade. With the Victorinox Bike tool, you've got a new riding companion that will make sure you're prepared for all your roadside assistance needs. Victorinox built its new compact Bike Tool around a durable, impact-proof plastic case. This translucent orange holder neatly stores the set's eight bits, stainless steel adapter, two tire levers, and L-wrench. When the set is put together it weighs a mere 3. 5 ounces, meaning it won't add unnecessary weight to your repair kit. Add Victorinox's latest edition of the Swiss Army Knife collection to your riding ensemble, and ride on in prepared European fashion. The Victorinox Bike Tool is available in one size and in the Translucent Orange color.
Sale Price: $31.99

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