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Modern Surfboards Blackbird Longboard Surfboard Modern Surfboards Blackbird Longboard Surfboard
You don't really care if the waves are mushy or overhead--as long as you're in the water, you're happy. The same could be said about the Modern Surfboard Blackbird Longboard. Featuring a fun shape and reliable PU construction, this simple, proven board provides beginners and advanced riders alike with good times, no matter what the wave conditions are. A full and generous outline from nose to tail offers maximum stability on small-to-medium size waves. A rounded nose area allows you to comfortably shift your weight forward when trimming along a wave, while a slight taper through the tail lets you maneuver with ease. Low-to-moderate rocker helps this board paddle into waves smoothly and make flowing turns. Vee-to-double concave bottom offers easy rail-to-rail transitions, while adding speed and response when driving off the tail. Compared to other fun boards on the market, the Blackbird has a bigger sweet spot that makes it a dream to ride, regardless of your skill level.
Surftech McTavish Fireball Evo II Surfboard Surftech McTavish Fireball Evo II Surfboard
The ultimate "go-to" longboard in the McTavish lineup, the Surftech Fireball Evo II Surfboard is more slanted towards performance surfing thanks to a leaner nose, 3-stage rocker profile, a narrower rounded pin tail, and 60/40 rails. Plus, it sports a double-concave tail, a single-concave nose, and slight beveling to help it stay loose in the pocket and make it ultra-stable for nose-riding. Fashioned with a carbon composite construction that's combined with Surftech's fused-cell EPS core, the TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilizes a proprietary stringer system that's custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement is laminated over a layer of high-density foam, which strengthens the board while also creating a lively flex pattern that's only found in TLPC surfboards.
Surftech Surftech Nugget Surfboard Surftech Surftech Nugget Surfboard
A modern approach to a timeless classic, the Surftech Nugget Surfboard features just the right amount of rocker and thickness that make it the perfect go-to for virtually all conditions. Thanks to a design that places it somewhere between a longboard and a shortboard, the Nugget crushes everything from mushy ankle-biters to overhead barrels, so you don't have to put any thought into deciding which board to break out for the day.
Sale Price: $494.10

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