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Modern Surfboards Blackbird Longboard Surfboard Modern Surfboards Blackbird Longboard Surfboard
You don't really care if the waves are mushy or overhead--as long as you're in the water, you're happy. The same could be said about the Modern Surfboard Blackbird Longboard. Featuring a fun shape and reliable PU construction, this simple, proven board provides beginners and advanced riders alike with good times, no matter what the wave conditions are. A full and generous outline from nose to tail offers maximum stability on small-to-medium size waves. A rounded nose area allows you to comfortably shift your weight forward when trimming along a wave, while a slight taper through the tail lets you maneuver with ease. Low-to-moderate rocker helps this board paddle into waves smoothly and make flowing turns. Vee-to-double concave bottom offers easy rail-to-rail transitions, while adding speed and response when driving off the tail. Compared to other fun boards on the market, the Blackbird has a bigger sweet spot that makes it a dream to ride, regardless of your skill level.
Modern Surfboards Retro Longboard Surfboard Modern Surfboards Retro Longboard Surfboard
Paying tribute to the days of surfing when hanging ten was at the forefront of progression, the Modern Surfboards Retro Longboard is a modern take on an old school design. Wide and incredibly stable, this longboard is all about glide, flow, and trimming down the line in classic style. Long parallel rails create a huge, stable platform to stand and walk along the board, and the full rounded nose allows you to ride the nose and bring some vintage moves to your local break. Moderately flat entry rock allows fast paddling and flowing down-the-line trim speed, a flat section in the middle adds effortless glide, and slight lift in the tail enhances turning ability. A vee through the belly and tail allows smooth rail-to-rail transitions, and forgiving 60/40 rails provide bite on the wave face. If you want to take it back to the golden days of surfing, this is the board for you.
Surftech McTavish Fireball Evo II Surfboard Surftech McTavish Fireball Evo II Surfboard
The ultimate "go-to" longboard in the McTavish lineup, the Surftech Fireball Evo II Surfboard is more slanted towards performance surfing thanks to a leaner nose, 3-stage rocker profile, a narrower rounded pin tail, and 60/40 rails. Plus, it sports a double-concave tail, a single-concave nose, and slight beveling to help it stay loose in the pocket and make it ultra-stable for nose-riding. Fashioned with a carbon composite construction that's combined with Surftech's fused-cell EPS core, the TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilizes a proprietary stringer system that's custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement is laminated over a layer of high-density foam, which strengthens the board while also creating a lively flex pattern that's only found in TLPC surfboards.
Surftech Surftech Nugget Surfboard Surftech Surftech Nugget Surfboard
A modern approach to a timeless classic, the Surftech Nugget Surfboard features just the right amount of rocker and thickness that make it the perfect go-to for virtually all conditions. Thanks to a design that places it somewhere between a longboard and a shortboard, the Nugget crushes everything from mushy ankle-biters to overhead barrels, so you don't have to put any thought into deciding which board to break out for the day.
Sale Price: $494.10
Surftech Surftech Spade Surfboard Surftech Surftech Spade Surfboard
The Surftech Spade Surfboard is a larger-than-life performance board that bridges the gap between today's modern shortboard and a retro mid-length hybrid. The Spade is the perfect alternative for the surfer who needs a little extra foam, but wants to keep the racy lines and sharp edges of their favorite shortboard to maintain an aggressive riding style.
Sale Price: $543.15

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