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Alpinestars Bionic Mountain Bike Short - Men's Alpinestars Bionic Mountain Bike Short - Men's
I'll get it soon is a pretty common refrain when talking about protective gear, but how many times have you put it off only to get smashed on your next ride' Even once is one time too many, so grab the Alpinestars MTB Bionic Men's Padded Shorts before it's too late. The Lycra and mesh design keeps you cool and dry, just like a traditional liner, but the foam padding over the hips, thighs, and tailbones takes the sting out of crashes of all shapes and sizes. An extra layer of hard PU over the hips and thighs provides extra protection for your bones, and the elastic waist and leg grippers keep the Bionic from sliding around without pinching your skin or rubbing you the wrong way.
Sale Price: $67.46
Alpinestars Bionic Tech Mountain Bike Jacket Alpinestars Bionic Tech Mountain Bike Jacket
Softening the sting of consequential falls when you're crushing over downhill rock gardens, flying off park hits, and dropping into what others deem "stunningly stupid," the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Mountain Bike Jacket combines critical protection of vitals with a lightweight, well-ventilated design. Grid-like fabric is burly enough to withstand serious thrashings on a regular basis, yet it remains comfortable by actively breathing as you work up a sweat. The sleeves are removable for a cooler feel, meaning you'll actually want to wear this protection when toasty temperatures threaten to roast your upper body. Seeing as how your back serves as a critical zone of interconnected nerves and muscle groups, the Bionic Tech Jacket features a back protector that's essential when you need it and removable when you don't. Removable EVA pads take the brunt of impact force along the shoulders, chest, and kidneys, all without sacrificing movement when mobility is key to stomping your line. To ensure a solid fit, this protective jacket uses elastic cords along the sleeves, pull-tabs over the shoulders, and a V-strap kidney belt across your mid-section.
Sale Price: $202.46
Bliss Protection Vertical LD Day Top Bliss Protection Vertical LD Day Top
No one gets overly excited about layering up with back protection on a hot day, but you always realize it was worth the effort a few hours later as you're trying to stay on the right side of your bars on high-angle descents. Zip on Bliss Protection's Vertical LD Day Top the next time you're getting ready to dive into the steep stuff and its odor-resistant, breathable fabric will keep moisture away from your skin to help you stay cool and dry as you ride. The top meets CE safety standards and includes Bliss Protection's impact-resistant ARG cushioning along the spine as well as a host of side pockets for stashing your phone and keeping favorite ride snacks close so they don't get lost mid-descent. It also comes with two Hydrapak SoftFlask flexible hydration bottles that you can store in the top, intuitively allowing you to keep everything you need stored close to your body rather than arranged haphazardly in multiple layers.
Sale Price: $79.97
G-Form Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard G-Form Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard
When you're steering your downhill rig into destructive terrain, you're ready for whatever unknown you're heading towards. That being said, you'll feel a lot better when you're wearing protection like G-Form's Pro-X Knew-shin Guard. You can count on the Pro-X to save you from leaving too much skin behind on the trails if it later transpires that you weren't, in fact, ready for the unknown. You're already wearing a pack, elbow guards, and a helmet, so the integrated Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard could also save you from feeling weighed down with separate knee and shin pads. Its articulated CE 1621 certified protection extends laterally across the kneecap and along the shin. Plus, their stretchy, breathable sleeve will keep them in place as you rally hard over the big stuff.
Sale Price: $68.97
Six Six One EXO Knee/Shin Pad Six Six One EXO Knee/Shin Pad
Want to take all the fun out of riding in a hurry' Try slamming your shin into your pedal while riding. If this doesn't sound like a great time, the Six Six One EXO Knee/Shin Pad will save your day, with a mesh sleeve and lightweight EVA foam padding that's designed to save your skin from pedal slams and skin-grinding crashes. It also has a compressive fit that supports muscles so you can feel better and ride longer, and a silicone grip print that keeps it from slipping and sliding while you're pedaling.
Sale Price: $42.46

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