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Beal Atlantis Helmet Beal Atlantis Helmet
When you're getting on the rocks, every so often a few of them will hit you. Good thing you're wearing Beal's most advanced helmet to date, the Atlantis, which can take both horizontal and vertical blows. This helmet's polystyrene construction absorbs impact from both the sides and the top so you are ready no matter what comes at you. Soft foam padding and a lightweight design keeps your noggin comfortable during long days at the crag or up a long multi-pitch. The magnetic closure and micro adjustable dial make it easy to slip on your beanie when it gets chilly in the mountains and quickly get your helmet back on snugly. Four headlamp clips make for an easy transition from daytime multi-pitching to nighttime exploring so your adventure won't have to end.
Mammut Alpine Rider Climbing Helmet Mammut Alpine Rider Climbing Helmet
Mammut's Alpine Rider Helmet is certified for skiing as well as climbing so you can ride the alpine with the same protection all year long. This in-mold helmet uses Mammut's Micro Shell for lightweight toughness. Removable winter padding keeps you warm in the cold temperatures while fourteen large vents ensure breathable airflow in the warm temps. The thumb wheel adjustment works even with gloves on, and four clips keep headlamps in place.
Mammut Rock Rider Climbing Helmet Mammut Rock Rider Climbing Helmet
It's hard to have a good head at a chossy crag without a hard helmet protecting your brain box from falling rocks, but it's also annoying to climb with a bulky helmet weighing your head down. Mammut offers a solution with its lightweight Rock Rider Climbing Helmet. The EPS core with Micro Shell exterior is very strong while remaining extremely lightweight. And the in-mold interior offers all-day comfort whether you're climbing sporty crags or multi-pitching up an alpine ascent. Sixteen ventilation openings give this helmet a wide range of uses including ice and mixed climbing, and even ski touring. You can adjust both the headband and the chin strap for an ideal fit no matter the shape of your melon, and both the band and strap can fold into the helmet for a more compact fit into your backpack. Four clips stabilize your headlamp so it doesn't slide up or down your face while you ascend in the early mornings and descend while the sun drops below the horizon.
Salewa Pura Helmet Salewa Pura Helmet
Multi-pitch routes and mountaineering alike call for reliable gear that won't weigh you down--or, as Salewa puts it: "half weight--double resistance." That's why it created the Pura Helmet. Light weight protection doesn't have to come without perks, either. If you have to get up in the dark while the wall is still frozen, you're all set thanks to the head lamp that is oh-so-easy to attach, and when you discover mid-route that the brim is sliding into your line of sight, an adjusted fit is one spin away.

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