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Burton Board Wall Mount - 1 Set Burton Board Wall Mount - 1 Set
Whether you're showing off a vintage Backhill, your busted deck from last season, or you just need to get your board off the floor in a cramped space, the Burton Board Wall Mounts will do the trick. This three-piece set secures any snowboard to pretty much any flat surface.
Burton Bullet Tool Burton Bullet Tool
The pocket-sized Burton Bullet Tool gives you all the tools you need for on-hill binding repair, and the leverage to do it right. The included #2 and #3 Phillips screwdrivers handle almost all binding issues, and the 10mm wrench and 4mm allen key take care of your snowskate or your buddy's obscure-ass hardware. The powerful ratchet driver and folding handle ensure you won't have to stop again in 2 runs.
Burton EST Tool Burton EST Tool
You know the feeling--you notice your binding is loose, and now you have to decide between missing out on a couple laps while you make your way to the car, or keep riding with disco feet. Never go through that again by keeping the Burton EST Tool tucked away in your pocket. It's designed to deliver maximum tightening power in a tiny package, and it works with any bindings. You can flip the handle to a 90-degree angle for extra torque or to 180 degrees for speed, and it's easy to use with gloves on. After the day is done, use the integrated bottle opener to crack open a cold one back at the car.
Burton MTN Essentials Kit Burton MTN Essentials Kit
Like an first aid kit for your beloved board, the Burton MTN Essentials Kit gives you the basic tools for tuning, waxing, and replacing old screws. It includes basic rub-on wax with a buffer for giving your board extra zip without dedicating the effort required for a hot wax. There's a credit card scraper for removing excess wax build-up after a proper waxing, so you can glide smoothly without the grabby feel of residual wax slowing you down. M6 replacement screws come in handy for mounting a fresh set of bindings to your Burton Channel board, also serving as a nice replacement to your old, rusted-out binding hardware. Burton's EST tool compactly fits in your jacket pocket for on-the-fly tightening of your Burton EST Bindings (those mounted to Channel boards). Other handy tools include a file guide and ceramic stone for sharpening edges, or conversely, detuning them for park jibs and urban exploits.
Burton Starter Kit Burton Starter Kit
You've got your board, boots, and bindings, but there's a few more things you'll want before hitting the slopes. Burton knows this better than most, which was the inspiration for the Starter Kit. The last thing you want is for your new snowboard to grow legs and walk away, and the pocket-sized retractable cable lock goes a long way toward ensuring that doesn't happen. The leash makes sure your board stays with you on the slopes, instead of turning into a dangerous projectile flying down the hill without you. The mini scraper stomp pads make skating off the top of the chairlift way easier. And to fight loose bolts and janky setups, the Zip Tool has everything you need to keep things tight, while being small enough to spend all season in your pocket.
Sale Price: $27.47
DAKINE Binding Hardware DAKINE Binding Hardware
Strip out the heads on your old screws' Pick up this 8-pack of DAKINE snowboard hardware and get your bindings tight again.
Sale Price: $5.97

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