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Dagger Zydeco 9.0 Kayak Dagger Zydeco 9.0 Kayak
Taking the plunge into the world of kayaking can be intimidating, but luckily the Dagger Zydeco 9. 0 Kayak's there to soothe your inhibitions. It'll ease you into the sport with a highly maneuverable design and confidence inspiring feel. Being the shorter of the two options in the Zydeco line, this 9ft boat is the lighter, easier to carry, and simpler to turn option. Built for flat water, this goat excels on lakes and lazy rivers. A roomy cockpit design allows you to kick-back, relax, and enjoy the float but is still narrow enough as to not compromise the boat's performance. The fully adjustable seat allows you to dial in the perfect fit, and bungee deck rigging at the bow and stern makes bringing all the gear you need for a multi-day paddle possible.
Sale Price: $381.65
Ocean Kayak Tetra 12 Kayak - Sit-On-Top - 2018 Ocean Kayak Tetra 12 Kayak - Sit-On-Top - 2018
Glide quickly and efficiently across long stretches of open water when you're at the helm of the Tetra 12 Sit-On-Top Kayak. Ocean Kayak borrowed the Tetra's sleek hull shape from touring kayaks, which are designed for long-haul paddling. Comfortable seating, an open cockpit, and easily-accessible bow storage make this boat particularly friendly to novice and intermediate paddlers who want to go a little further on the water.
Sale Price: $845.87
Old Town Vapor 10XT Kayak Old Town Vapor 10XT Kayak
For paddlers looking to do a bit of everything, the Old Town Vapor 10XT Kayak has the skills to handle ponds, lakes, rivers, and even a little mellow ocean paddling. The Vapor's stable platform and large volume offer tons of stability and load-bearing capability without making it handle like a steamship, and the extra-large cockpit has plenty of room to move around and make getting in and out a breeze. Old Town made sure all-day comfort and simplicity was the name of the Vapor's game. In addition to the ginormous cockpit, the Comfort Flex seat is decked out with extra padding, and there are adjustable Support Track foot braces to give you a stable paddling platform. Together with a molded cockpit tray, cup holder, and stern hatch, the Vapor has all the comforts you could think of, without any unnecessary gadgets to slow you down.
Sale Price: $449.99
Old Town Vapor 12XT Kayak Old Town Vapor 12XT Kayak
Stable like steamship, wide like a whale, and streamlined like a sailboat, the Old Town Vapor 12XT Kayak is built to make short work of a day on the lake, river, or ocean, regardless of whether you're a first-timer or salty old vet. If you're island hopping, the Vapor is super-easy to get in and out of, and it has a stern storage hatch to keep a day's worth of gear safe and dry. On days when you have a serious destination and spend a lot of time digging deep, you'll appreciate the heavily-padded Comfort Flex seat and adjustable Support Track foot brace system. Of course, no matter what you're doing, the molded cup holder is a serious bonus, as are the molded paddle rest and cockpit tray, letting you put down your paddle, sip a beverage, and eat some snacks as you watch the sun set over the bay.
Sale Price: $524.99
Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T Tandem Kayak Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T Tandem Kayak
Explore calm waterways or hop between lake islands with the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T Tandem Kayak. Designed for flat and slow-moving waters, the Pamlico 135T offers exceptional stability, paddling efficiency, and increased capacity for you and your buddy. An adjustable bow seat also lets you fine-tune the seat position or change from a tandem to a solo boat if your partner bails at the last minute. The large open cockpit makes it easy for you and your partner to get in and out, and also to access whatever tasty beverages you keep between your legs for the journey. A stern storage hatch lets you bring along some essentials as well.
Sale Price: $734.25

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