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Necky Manitou Sport Kayak Necky Manitou Sport Kayak
Climb into the Necky Kayaks Manitou Sport Kayak and get ready to play like a pirate on the open seas. The short length, soft chine lines, and molded-in rear skeg make this hull maneuverable enough to sneak up on unsuspecting yachts and pleasure barges while maintaining stability in rough, windy conditions. It tracks straight for efficient paddling over long distances and when laden with your latest haul of plunder. Novice buccaneers will appreciate the comfortable, adjustable seating, while intermediate scallywags will love the fact that there's more than 60 liters of stern storage for all sorts of extra booty.
Sale Price: $764.99
Necky Rip 10 Drop Skeg Kayak Necky Rip 10 Drop Skeg Kayak
Necky designed its Rip 10 Kayak to instill confidence in new paddlers while keeping veteran 'yakkers happy. Sharply keeled on the bottom and built with a drop-down skeg for stability, the Rip 10 tracks well when the winds pick up and darts in and out of inlets when you're exploring near shore. The polyethylene hull is designed to withstand the beatings beginner paddlers can dish out, but both novice and seasoned paddlers will relish the roomy cockpit, making entries and exits borderline graceful. The Rip 10 has plenty of storage space for its size, with a large stern hatch and a bungee that runs the length of the bow for additional storage space for gear that can stand to get splashed.Necky dropped its Active Comfort System (ACS) 2. 0 seat into the Rip 10, which means the backrest height, lumbar support, seat pan height, and foot braces can be adjusted either on shore or while seated. The stern hatch is completely watertight courtesty of the gasketed Quick Seal rubber cover and cross-lock straps with a single, large buckle. Once you have a few paddles under your belt, load up the Rip 10 with all the gear and food you need for a day on the lake and leave the riff-raff by the shore as you explore islands, inlets, and wide-open waters.
Sale Price: $679.99

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