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Redington Behemoth Series Fly Reel Redington Behemoth Series Fly Reel
Hooking into a twenty pound steelhead, a big old bonefish, or a rainbow that just sipped a mouse like it was a green drake has a way of making even the most seasoned angler's heart race. When you hook into fish like these, you want a drag system that will put pressure on the fish and turn that behemoth of a fish into your net; accordingly, Redington designed its Behemoth Series Fly Reel to have the most powerful drag in its class. Made primarily for saltwater fishing, the Behemoth is also available in five- and six-weight options for trout applications, and it will balance well with longer spey rods for salmon and steelhead fishing.The unique interlocking design of the real is achieved with a die-cast construction, which gives the Behemoth a large arbor, deeply set spool, and a look you won't find on any other reel. The powerful carbon fiber drag system can be cranked up when you need to put some serious pressure on big and stubborn fish, but it maintains a smooth feel so you won't instantly snap your line when your catch decides to make a run at the first sign of your net. Also unique to the Behemoth is the twin-molded soft-touch ergonomic handle, which helps keep your hand comfortable when playing those larger fish who refuse to come in easily. Redington also made sure the Behemoth can be easily flipped between a left- or right-handed retrieve, and included a nylon case to protect the reel when traveling to and from the water.
Sale Price: $103.96
Redington Crosswater Prespooled Reel Redington Crosswater Prespooled Reel
While fun, learning to fly fish can be a frustrating process. Make it a little easier with the Redington Crosswater Prespooled Reel, which is an affordable choice that offers plenty of function. The composite design is durable and looks great on your rod. This large-arbor reel comes prespooled with Rio Mainstream floating line, which is an ultra-versatile, weight-forward line that is great to learn on and will keep you fishing for some time. The spool is easy to change, and you can choose left- or right-handed retrieval to suit your style. The disc drag system provides plenty of stopping power for even feisty fish, so once you set the hook it's game on.
Sale Price: $71.99
Redington Crosswater Spool Redington Crosswater Spool
Keep your Redington Crosswater reel loaded with plenty of different line options with this Spool. Whether you need to get a woolly bugger down where the fish are feeding or a double bunny in the midcurrent quickly when you're banging streamers against the bank, it's always a good idea to have a few extra spools on deck.
Sale Price: $18.71
Redington I.D Reel Redington I.D Reel
Customize your reel with the Redington I. D Reel. This die-cast reel has a flat back surface that is compatible with Redington's I. D decals, which offer you more than thirty options for customizing the look of your outfit. With designs representing everything from your favorite breakfast (donuts) to your favorite fish species, these decals are easy to apply and remove so you can change your look depending on the day. The reel underneath is constructed with die-cast aluminum, and has a large arbor for speedy line retrieve. The disc drag system is built with a Rulon friction plate for stability, so you can be silly with your decals, but serious about stopping a fish.
Sale Price: $71.96
Ross Evolution LT Fly Reel Ross Evolution LT Fly Reel
An updated version of Ross' original Evolution, the Ross Evolution LT Fly Reel is one of the lightest large-arbor fly reels in its class. This machining masterpiece appeals to those anglers who appreciate both art and function. Its precise, sensitive drag system protects some of the lightest tippets even when fighting world-class fish.
Sale Price: $178.75
Ross Rapid Fly Reel Ross Rapid Fly Reel
The Ross Rapid Fly Reel is built for anglers that would rather spend their money chasing the best hatches, instead of blowing it all on an ornamental reel. This tough and dependable reel is cast from an aluminum alloy that resists corrosion from freshwater. And between the reel's smooth disc drag and large arbor, you can rely on it effectively battle everything from big brown trout to aggressive bass.
Sale Price: $96.00
Wetfly Nitrogen2 Fly Reel Wetfly Nitrogen2 Fly Reel
Your tippet, knots, and reel will be put to the test the moment a 20-inch trout takes your fly. The Wetfly Nitrogen2 Fly Reel was designed with a cork drag system that provides a smooth startup inertia to protect the lightweight tippet you need to fish with to deliver an accurate presentation to selective trout. And when that trout doubles back and swims straight towards your feet, the Nitrogen's large arbor delivers the quick retrieval rate necessary to keep tension on the line so that fish doesn't spit your fly.
Sale Price: $109.99
Wetfly NitrogenXD Type III Sealed Fly Reel Wetfly NitrogenXD Type III Sealed Fly Reel
The Wetfly Nitrogen XD Type III Sealed Fly Reel is a reel of monstrous proportions to properly spank the next the salmon or tarpon you hook into. Wetfly put some their best engineers together to develop the NitrogenXD, and the end result is a reel that won't rust when confronted with brackish and saltwater fisheries. The Type III anodizing is unique in the sense that it is both a deeper and harder anodized finish, making this reel not just ridiculously scratch resistant, but also non-reactive to the presence of alkalies, preventing rust and corrosion throughout the life of the reel.The stacked carbon on stainless steel drag system is fully-sealed in order to maintain velvety smooth performance when both the air and water are laced with salt. Wetfly is offering the NitrogenXD in sizes starting in a 5-7wt range going all the way up to an 11-14wt option for those big pelagic beasts you're looking to sink a hook into. The design of the NitrogenXD consists of a full cage frame to eliminate flex and protect the spool from bending if the reel should cushion your fall in the event of a digger. Each reel is available with either a Super Large Arbor (SLA) for increased backing capacity and faster line retrieval rates, or a Large Arbor (LA) option for day-to-day fishing--both spool options can be attached to the same frame, increasing the overall versatility of the reel.
Sale Price: $210.00

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