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Storck Scenero Disc Road Bike Frameset - 2015 Storck Scenero Disc Road Bike Frameset - 2015
Since the geometry of Storck's Scenero line has always lent itself well to long-distance cycling and rides that occasionally stray from the tarmac, it only makes sense to add disc brakes. The Scenero Disc Road Bike Frameset's long geometry makes it ideal as a stable platform for exploring the kinds of terrain where disc brakes are a must, whether that's gravel, dirt, or sweeping descents. The inclusion of thru-axles also stabilizes the frame, providing more stiffness to offset braking forces and maintain confident tracking through terrain that would make a traditional road frame balk. The Scenero Disc frame features the same uni-directional carbon lay-up as its rim-brake counterpart, which orients the carbon across the frame in relation to the load path and force direction at play in each location. The design is first built digitally with 3D CAD imaging, and that virtual blueprint is translated to the dimensions of the mold. The mold itself is a one-piece, monocoque affair. Since there are no tube junctures, there is no excess weight from the additional material and resin needed to reinforce frames comprising multiple sub-assemblies. The bottom bracket is also the same 86. 5mm colossus found on the non-disc Scenero, and it takes advantage of the over-sized down tube to reduce the number of watts lost to flex during punchy efforts. Storck's annual allotment of BOTY awards is beginning to feel automatic, and it's mostly due to the stiffness-to-weight ratio on models like the Scenero. Of course, all of the stiff efficiency in the world is worthless if the ride is so unforgiving that 30 miles in the saddle feels like 10 rounds in the ring. Storck's proportional tubing concept uses adapted dimensions, wall thickness, tube diameter, and tapering across frame sizes to address rider fatigue by focusing on fit. Rather than just increasing tube lengths and angles by arbitrary increments, Storck essentially designed each size as its own, unique model. Every G3 is built t...
Sale Price: $999.95
Wilier GTS Road Frameset - 2016 Wilier GTS Road Frameset - 2016
Designed like a race bike, but with a more upright position, extra shock-absorbing compliance, and a slightly longer wheelbase, the 2016 Wilier GTS Road Frameset ideally mates long-distance comfort with unflappable poise. Much like the rides the peloton relies on to survive the jarring cobblestones of the spring classics, the GTS gives you the bump-smoothing comfort and relaxed riding position needed for demanding rides without compromising speed during races or other fast-paced endeavors. Wilier gives the nod to 30-ton carbon fibers in constructing the GTS to strike a balance of snappy stiffness, sure-footed confidence, and long-mile comfort. Wilier designers also took full advantage of the freedom afforded by monocoque molding processes for aggressively shaped tubes that net a stable, confidence-inspiring ride. The shaping's not just for looks, though, and certain portions of the frame receive extra attention. The rear triangle incorporates Wilier's Smooth Rear Design System, which involves a proprietary carbon layup and tube shaping that lets the bike gobble a bit more noise from surfaces like cobbles while again minimizing material and weight. The GTS also benefits from asymmetrical chainstays, which take into account the different forces applied to the drive- and non-drive sides of the frame.
Sale Price: $999.00

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