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Charge Bikes Plug Grinduro Disc Complete Bike - 2017 Charge Bikes Plug Grinduro Disc Complete Bike - 2017
Despite our misleading name, Competitive Cyclist isn't about Lycra-clad hammerfests where every outing on the bike with friends inevitably turns into a snot-bubble pain duel. Well, we're not only into that. Charge Bikes' Plug Grinduro Complete Bike is a celebration of the days when we want equal parts cycling celebration, foodie indulgence, and--yes--singlespeed pain cave-ery. The Plug Grinduro is pretty much an amalgam of everything we like about the race of the same name, all you have to do is add food, friends, and CAT 5 tattoos in whatever you quantities you do (or don't) prefer. Regardless of how you dress it up, the Plug Grinduro is essentially a Plug 1 topped with a fresh purple visage, a custom stem and saddle, and the sinister man-in-the-mountain mascot painted on the fork. The bike is designed to celebrate Charge Bikes' move to become "the title sponsor" for the Grinduro race. The changes aren't all aesthetic, though; Charge builds the Grinduro edition with hydraulic TRP stoppers, ensuring that high speeds don't necessarily engender high risks of injury due to insufficient stopping power. The addition of disc brake rotors does mean that the Grinduro doesn't feature the Plug 1's flip-flop hub; it's singlespeed with a freewheel only. The Plug Enduro still features 6061-series aluminum tubing cut and welded in the pattern of Charge's neutral, All-Road geometry. This combination of materials and shaping provide the versatility and durability necessary to take on the questionable surfaces that Grinduro made its name with. The fact that it's a singlespeed means you may have to occasionally work a bit harder on the climbs, but you'll appreciate the freewheel while descending.
Sale Price: $499.95
Storck Scenero Disc Road Bike Frameset - 2015 Storck Scenero Disc Road Bike Frameset - 2015
Since the geometry of Storck's Scenero line has always lent itself well to long-distance cycling and rides that occasionally stray from the tarmac, it only makes sense to add disc brakes. The Scenero Disc Road Bike Frameset's long geometry makes it ideal as a stable platform for exploring the kinds of terrain where disc brakes are a must, whether that's gravel, dirt, or sweeping descents. The inclusion of thru-axles also stabilizes the frame, providing more stiffness to offset braking forces and maintain confident tracking through terrain that would make a traditional road frame balk. The Scenero Disc frame features the same uni-directional carbon lay-up as its rim-brake counterpart, which orients the carbon across the frame in relation to the load path and force direction at play in each location. The design is first built digitally with 3D CAD imaging, and that virtual blueprint is translated to the dimensions of the mold. The mold itself is a one-piece, monocoque affair. Since there are no tube junctures, there is no excess weight from the additional material and resin needed to reinforce frames comprising multiple sub-assemblies. The bottom bracket is also the same 86. 5mm colossus found on the non-disc Scenero, and it takes advantage of the over-sized down tube to reduce the number of watts lost to flex during punchy efforts. Storck's annual allotment of BOTY awards is beginning to feel automatic, and it's mostly due to the stiffness-to-weight ratio on models like the Scenero. Of course, all of the stiff efficiency in the world is worthless if the ride is so unforgiving that 30 miles in the saddle feels like 10 rounds in the ring. Storck's proportional tubing concept uses adapted dimensions, wall thickness, tube diameter, and tapering across frame sizes to address rider fatigue by focusing on fit. Rather than just increasing tube lengths and angles by arbitrary increments, Storck essentially designed each size as its own, unique model. Every G3 is built t...
Sale Price: $999.95

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