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Running Snowshoes

Atlas Fitness Snowshoe Atlas Fitness Snowshoe
Sprint up snowy trails or pace yourself in a relaxing stroll with the Fitness Snowshoe by Atlas. Its Speed V-Frame and V-tail promote a quick performance on groomed and flat terrain, while the Wrapp Cruise binding offers an easy entry as well as a comfortably secure fit. Atlas's Free-Rotating Suspension allows a natural articulation at each step-off. The durable Nytex deck sheds snow, while the tempered steel Twin-Trac toe crampon works with the lightweight aluminum heel cleat to ensure traction on the snow's slippery surface.
Atlas Race Snowshoe Atlas Race Snowshoe
Whether you're a competitive racer or you happen to live somewhere that requires you to outrun moose and bear on a regular basis, the featherweight Atlas Race Snowshoe is your go-to choice for rapid snow travel. The V-Frame is specifically shaped to allow a runners all-out stride, and the Race LightSpeed Pro binding securely cinches down on your lightweight winter shoe. Titanium toe and heel cleats securely bite hard and icy snow while keeping the overall weight of this snow walker to barely over one pound.
Atlas Run Boa Snowshoe Atlas Run Boa Snowshoe
Say goodbye to wintry afternoons spent post-holing your way through knee deep snow as you attempt to run up a trail, and say hello to the Atlas Run Snowshoe. This lightweight snowshoe allows you to float atop the snow--without compromising your stride. More specifically, the Run Snowshoe features a unisex V-Frame construction, which is equal parts feather-light and durable to assure many seasons worth of wear and tear. The NyTex decking is incredibly forgiving--not to mention very quiet in the cold, meaning you're not stuck wearing a pair of loud, crunchy snowshoes as you try to enjoy an afternoon of solace and solitude. The high-performance, spring-loaded suspension system offers effortless maneuverability and foot articulation as you make your way through groomed or uneven terrain. Additionally, the spring-loaded suspension system doubles down on traction when you need it most, while the heel cleat assures stability and traction when climbing or descending variegated terrain. More importantly, the Speed Helix binding is one of the quickest-to-use in the Atlas lineup, and features a Boa closure system to ensure a personalized, precise fit.
Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run Snowshoe Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run Snowshoe
A few feet of snow is not going to get between you and running, because you have the light, fast Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run Snowshoe, with responsive carbon composite construction, a streamlined shape, and a single-pull binding. And you run with or without the binding, thanks to its direct-to-shoe mount. In your opinion, if you hit the treadmill in winter you might as well eat hamster food, too.
Crescent Moon Gold 12 Running/Fitness Snowshoe Crescent Moon Gold 12 Running/Fitness Snowshoe
You have a race to train for, so why spend it indoors on a lousy treadmill when Crescent Moon has the Gold 12 Running/Fitness Showshoe you can use' The Gold 12 is super-fast, efficient, and lightweight, and it has great floatation and an easy-to-use binding that accommodates your favorite running shoe.

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