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Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod - 4 Piece Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod - 4 Piece
Built by anglers who fish on their way home from work, anglers who tie blood knots in their sleep, and anglers with sunglass-shaped tan lines, the all new and improved Orvis Helios 2 4-Piece Fly Rod is a featherlight war club that defies the laws of physics and has the backbone of an I-beam. Available in both freshwater and saltwater applications, the Helios 2 is lighter in hand and 20% stronger than any rod Orvis has ever developed. Made by hand in Manchester, Vermont, the Helios 2 transitions energy directly from your brain to the the fly and casts with the precision of a laser pointer. Its all-new tapers are fine-tuned to transfer energy along a smoother curve in order to provide unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and additional lifting power while maintaining tippet protection. Designed with ESP technology integrated into the tip, the Helios 2's impact strength is 100% stronger, the dampening has increased, and the swing weight has been reduced by 20% from the original Helios. Striking midnight blue blanks, accenting wraps, crushproof REC Recoil guides, REC California buckeye burl freshwater reel seats, REC woven graphite saltwater reel seats, black nickel skeletons, super-grade cork handles, and a UV-inhibiting paint coating round out this quality rod's fine features. Orvis knows anglers have different flex preferences, so they developed the Helios 2 with a mid flex or flex tip depending on your action preference. Mid flex rods provide superb performance over a wide range of conditions, suit a wide range of casting styles, supply a sweet combination of butt strength for fighting fish, have a medium flex for casting ease, ensure tippet protection, and are ideal for the angler who needs one fly rod for a variety of conditions. Tip flex rods consist of a light tip for a light-in-the-hand feel, help the caster maximize line speed, suit casters with quicker, shorter fly casting strokes, and feature a strong butt section (in upper line weights) for fish-fighting.
Sale Price: $556.50
Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod - 4-Piece Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod - 4-Piece
Even the most expensive sports cars don't have the saliva-starting aesthetics of the Redington 4-Piece Vapen Red Fly Rod. This sleek quartet of futuristic carbon fiber comes together to create a singularly sweet piece of fast-casting action when you're moving off small streams and into big bodies of water. Red where your hand holds the rod signifies a bold break from the norm, leaving cork behind. Ribbons of high-density carbon fibers are first wrapped inside the blank and then counter-wrapped on the exterior of the blank to increase power, stability, and vibrational dampening. Firing sidearm loops into trees is surprisingly tight and clean, and striking the sweet spot some 50-60 feet is even easier. Load 'er up and toss a few bombs without sacrificing touch for power. Instead of traditional cork handles, the Red reaches for the tech that has kept golfers grinning. Wrap your hand around the Winn non-slip polymer for a softer handle that doesn't get slippery or too hard to hold as the day wears on. Alignment dots take away any uncertainty when it's time to put together your angling weapon. Handle options let you choose half-wells, full-wells, fighting butts, or just an ordinary extension. When you're done for the day, keep the Red ready in the included cloth storage bag.
Sale Price: $174.97
Wetfly Backcountry Tenkara Mini Kit Wetfly Backcountry Tenkara Mini Kit
If you've always wanted to try your hand at tenkara, now is your chance. The Wetfly Backcountry Tenkara Mini Kit is designed for anglers who want a collapsible option that easily fits in their pack as they hike in to fish at a remote lake. At a mere thirteen inches, this tiny kit packs a punch. The lightweight, carbon fiber tenkara rod expands out to ten feet, and comes with the Duraleader and tippet you need to get going.
Sale Price: $89.99
Wetfly Element SE Fly Rod - 4-Piece Wetfly Element SE Fly Rod - 4-Piece
It's no wonder that you want to spend most of your time wading in cool mountain streams chasing wild trout--half of your body is composed of water (literally) and you have fish swimming around your brain (metaphorically speaking, of course). So when it's time to indulge your inner most desires, snap the Wetfly Element SE Fly Rod together and head to your favorite stretch of water to get your fly fishing fix. This fast-action rod is designed to deliver high line speeds, far-reaching casts, and reduce the chance of false casts, so you spook less fish--although, that's really up to your own casting skills. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the same logic applies to fly rods and their respective price tags. The Element SE may not cost as much a lot of rods out there, but it's still a joy to cast thanks to its performance-first taper, comfortable cork handle, and well-balanced feel. The up-locking reel seat and hard-anodized spacer is safe for use in saltwater fisheries if you decide to ply your skill on coastal waters, but the rod's nine-foot length really shines on medium- to large-sized rivers. The rod is finished with black thread wraps, Minima guides, and a sleek color scheme that pairs well with Wetfly's complementing ElementSE Reel.
Sale Price: $137.49
Wetfly Nitroglass Fly Rod - 3-Piece Wetfly Nitroglass Fly Rod - 3-Piece
You didn't wake up at 5 a. m. just to dump your cast across the back of the first rising trout you spot rising on a slow-moving spring creek. With modern fly rods becoming faster and faster, it can be tough to find a slow-action rod that makes it easier to make those delicate presentations where any extra energy in your cast will send ripples across the water, sending any trout within a 50-foot vicinity to the nearest cutbank. The Wetfly Nitroglass Fly Rod's relaxed tempo has a more forgiving feel than modern graphite rods and will make floating your fly within the feeding lane of wary trout with minimal surface disturbance a whole lot easier. And since the rod's fiberglass bends deeply into the butt section of the rod, you'd better be ready for the fight of a lifetime if that 20-inch brown you spot slurping cripple duns takes your fly.
Sale Price: $136.49

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