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K2 Snowboards Ultra Split Splitboard K2 Snowboards Ultra Split Splitboard
Go beyond merely earning your turns and enjoy the entire experience, from skinning up to ripping down, with the lightweight, pow-surfing performance of the K2 Ultra Split Splitboard. Claimed to be the lightest splitboard on Earth, the Ultra Split weighs an astounding 3. 3-pounds lighter than the industry standard when it's equipped with K2's groundbreaking Kwicker step-in system. In fact, this board forgoes a topsheet altogether to eliminate excess weight for easier skinning. Made to work with K2's Kwicker Tech (it also works with traditional split interfaces), the Ultra Split delivers a 50% faster transition time when it's equipped with K2's Kwicker step-in bindings. Ultimately, this means less hassle when you're switching from touring to riding mode, allowing for more riding time and no more frozen fingers. Essentially, the K2 Kwicker system is a step-in binding system that eliminates separate bindings and binding plates. All you have to do is simply pop the binding off its hinge (when it's in touring mode), slide it over your pre-mounted pucks, and lock it into place. Voila! You're now ready to step into the binding with your K2 Stark, Compass, or Arrow boots (sold separately). From steep couloirs to wide open bowls, the Ultra Split is ready for hard-charging backcountry action with its rocker-flat hybrid profile and pow-friendly, directional shape. The board itself is set-back 3/4 of an inch for enhanced float. Combined with the large, spoon-like Tweekend tips and along, rockered nose, this board effortlessly floats through deep powder. Its predominately flat shape extends just past both binding inserts for easier skinning (when compared with fully rockered shapes) and a neutral-feeling ride that grips hardpack and sketchy snow when needed. Inside the Ultra Split, you'll find an ultra-tough Bambooyah Split core that's made with horizontally laminated bamboo for nearly unbreakable strength and a snappy flex. In addition to the Bambooyah Split core, this board ...
Sale Price: $419.97
Smokin Jetson Splitboard Smokin Jetson Splitboard
Bringing a freestyle-flavored feel to your steep and deep adventures, the Smokin Jetson Splitboard opts for a twin shape with large, spoon-like tips for maximum float when you're making surfy turns down backcountry bowls and slashing powder through tight aspen glades. Since it's a true twin, the Jetson Splitboard excels at taking your tricks to the mountain's cliff drops, natural rollers, and abrupt drops. It's more playful and poppy than stiffer splits on the market, making it perfectly suited for launching off everything in sight, throwing pow butters, and turning the backcountry into your personal playground. Smokin's WTF profile is camber directly underfoot, allowing you to lock into carves, hold an aggressive edge, and pop monster ollies like a traditional cambered deck, but with accentuated, early-rise tips for tons of float in untracked snow. This hybrid profile allows the Jetson to remain centered like your favorite park board, but without sacrificing the float required for ripping across deep powder. Another benefit of the large, accentuated tips lies within a shorter turning radius, making for quick turns in tightly spaced trees and narrow chutes. You'll notice the Jetson Split being a bit wider than your average board, allowing you to downsize a few centimeters for maximum maneuverability and reduced spin weight. Hand built in Lake Tahoe, California, all Smokin boards are designed to take a serious thrashing on the mountain. The Jetson Splitboard is no different, with its Sintered 6000 base withstanding regular beatings across natural terrain. The full aspen core retains the strength and even flex desired by riders putting their board through the paces of backcountry riding. Another key feature are Mellow Magne-Traction edges, which maximize edge hold across sketchy steeps and icy snow.
Sale Price: $539.99

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