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Deeluxe Spark XV Speedlace Splitboard Boot - Men's Deeluxe Spark XV Speedlace Splitboard Boot - Men's
Whether he's ripping big-mountain faces along the Antarctic peninsula, testing boundaries in Greenland's incredible fjords, or straightlining steeps in the Swiss Alps, Xavier de Le Rue is no stranger to pushing the limits of big-mountain riding. As his go-to boot for ascending and ripping drool-worthy lines, the Deeluxe Men's Spark Speedlace Splitboard Boot offers uncompromising support and customizable stiffness with rugged durability and goat-like grip for scrambling up craggy, iced-over terrain. Its D-Tex waterproof, breathable membrane won't succumb to outside moisture and soaking-wet snow, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable through demanding backcountry tours and serious freeride sessions. Customizing the boot's support and response, the C3 lacing system independently tightens along the upper and lower zones with the quick-and-simple pull of each lacing handle. Adding even more support along the upper shin, the boot's Powerstrap delivers extra stiffness when you're charging at high speeds. Plus, Deeluxe offers extra TPU Shield inserts (sold separately) for even more stiffness and support, should you desire the utmost in energy transfer and response on those big-mountain lines. Inside the boot, the Spark XV PF is heat moldable for a precise fit that conforms to the shape of your foot over time. This not only alleviates nasty pressure points, but it also enhances the overall fit and function of the boot when you're wearing them all day long. The liner features an internal harness that locks down your heel to prevent turn-sapping heel lift on those high-speed descents. Extra Long Stride technology lets you loosen a powerstrap in the rear of the boot to extend your stride by 20-30cm when you're skinning, ultimately resulting in superior efficiency and comfort. Redesigned with a smaller footprint, the Vibram East Ridge sole delivers tenacious traction over rough terrain and icy snow. Its also equipped with a heel welt for use with crampons when you're...
Sale Price: $233.32
ThirtyTwo TM-Two XLT Snowboard Boot - Men's ThirtyTwo TM-Two XLT Snowboard Boot - Men's
Reinforced with a Vibram sole and rubber toe cap, the ThirtyTwo Men's TM-Two XLT Snowboard Boot delivers the highly responsive feel and aggressive traction desired by riders charging pro-sized parks and big-mountain lines. Its classic lace-up design gives riders the control to cinch down the boot tightly, with a tongue tension system preventing unwanted heel lift on high-speed carves. The boot's articulated cuff preserves its shape over time, preventing shell distortion by fluidly flexing, making it extra supportive for charging hard. The rubber toe cap prevents excess wear, especially when you're ratcheting down your binding's toe strap. Blissfully conforming to your feet, the Level 3 Intuition Foam liner offers a precise fit with an internal harness that cinches tightly to prevent excess foot movement. There's a Dual Power Wrap closure atop the liner, which tightens down for maximum security. And because it's meant for icy walks across the resort lot and demanding boot-packs above treeline, the rugged Vibram sole has hiking-specific traction, alongside a heel welt for use with crampons on backcountry missions.
Sale Price: $349.25

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