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Club Ride Apparel Wheel Cute T-Shirt - Women's Club Ride Apparel Wheel Cute T-Shirt - Women's
Club Ride Apparel's Wheel Cute Women's T-Shirt is a breathable, quick-drying, and lightweight layer that's half bike jersey and half casual tee. Its Sheer2Dry fabric will keep you cool and comfy whether you're pedaling or relaxing, the UPF 20 sun protection will save your skin, and RideLight reflective accents will help you make it home safely.
Sale Price: $29.96
Giro Mobility Cuff Pants - Women's Giro Mobility Cuff Pants - Women's
Of all the entries in its young line of casual cycling clothing, New Road, Giro's all new Mobility Cuff Pant is perhaps the best example of what this line is all about: equal parts utility and traditional styling with instances of contemporary flair. The fabric speaks to the utility side of the equation, with a synthetic and cotton blend that that provides the breathability of cotton, the durability of polyester, and elastane's ability to deform and return to its original shape. You'll be wearing them on the bike, after all, and pure cotton would run the risk of becoming a misshapen mess before you get to your destination -- think the shovel-butt phenomenon that afflicts jeans after a few uses between washings. The Mobility Cuff Pants travel well from the bike to the office to the lecture hall to a night out, with some elements (the elastic cuff, which keeps the pants out of your chainring) offering utility, some elements (the chino aesthetics and welted rear pockets) representing the traditional or professional elements of your life, and still other elements (the patch pockets and, maybe, the cuff again) providing bits of fashion-forward detailing. Given its absolute neutrality, it's safe to assume that the color, Carbon, belongs in all three categories. The Giro Mobility Cuff Pants - Women's are available in even sizes from 2 to 12 in the color Carbon.
Sale Price: $32.49
Pinarello Logo T-Shirt - Women's Pinarello Logo T-Shirt - Women's
Showing your brand loyalties off the bike doesn't have to consist of wearing clothing that's all but completely obscured with the logos of the brand it's representing, unless you want it to. Otherwise, you can take the more understated approach with Pinarello's ultra-soft cotton and polyester Logo T-Shirt. A simple logo alone adorns the otherwise classic crew-neck shirt, allowing you to rep your obsession without feeling like the loudest person in the room.
Sale Price: $15.00

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