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Adidas Pure Amplify Jacket - Women's Adidas Pure Amplify Jacket - Women's
Crank up the comfort on your next run with the Adidas Women's Pure Amplify Jacket. Lightweight and breathable Climalite fabric promotes cool, dry comfort by allowing refreshing air to weasel its way in while also wicking sweat away from your skin when you're stacking mile after mile. A zippered front, hood, and back hem vent allow you to customize your protection and adapt with the weather, and the reflective details add a touch of safety for runs that go after the sun's gone down. Plus, the zippered hand pockets are fortified with a sweat-resistant technology to keep your electronics safe and sound.
Sale Price: $49.47
Arc'teryx Cita Hooded Jacket - Women's Arc'teryx Cita Hooded Jacket - Women's
Grab the Arc'teryx Women's Cita Hooded Jacket when the thought of canyon winds and ridgeline gusts make you cringe but you still need to get up and out on the trail. Crafted from DWR-coated ripstop nylon, this minimalist jacket won't be taken down by stiff winds or grabby branches, and features polyester mesh panels that help your pits stay cool when you're ramping things up. To save your noggin some stress, a slim-fitting hood holds tight to your head so drizzle and wind steer clear of your ears. The trim fit doesn't leave loads of fabric to flap around in the breeze, and the drop-tail rear hem reduces the chance you'll finish the run with the nickname Mud Butt. When the air calms down and the sun comes out, stuff the Cita inside its own pocket and carry on down the increasingly dusty path.
Bjorn Daehlie Supreme Jacket - Women's Bjorn Daehlie Supreme Jacket - Women's
No matter if you're skating a challenging track or training for a biathlon event, the Bjorn Daehlie Women's Supreme Jacket pulls your early morning workout together with efficiency. The outer softshell is constructed from weather-resistant polyester and stretch panels that move with your body and help it breath. Lined with a soft wool blend that traps heat and circulates perspiration away from your skin, you can push yourself up the steeper sections without a hitch. Thanks to a Bionic Finish Eco coating, you'll shed any snow flurries that come your way as you ski, and the elastic panels in the cuffs keep out any cold wind that accompanies said snow.
Sale Price: $262.46
Marmot Hyperdash Jacket - Women's Marmot Hyperdash Jacket - Women's
Trails are strange places. Even if it's sunny and warm in the parking lot, you're likely to encounter clouds, wind, and drizzle as soon as you leave the asphalt for the dirt, so having a versatile layer like the Marmot Women's Hyperdash Jacket isn't much of a question. It'll shield you from the moisture that you find at the start of your quest, break the wind that you find on the summit, and keep you from getting clammy during the sweaty in-between times. If, by some miracle, you find that perfect microclimate right around treeline, you can pull off the Hyperdash and pack it in into its own pocket for easy storage. And, inevitably, when things cool off in the next seven steps, you can whip it back out and slide a warmer layer over the top for some more insulation.
Sale Price: $51.73
Nike Flex Trail Jacket - Women's Nike Flex Trail Jacket - Women's
Nike's Flex Trail Women's Jacket is a solid part of your training kit for trail, track, and pavement. Made from a highly breathable polyester fabric, the jacket is treated with a DWR finish, so it'll shed the drizzle on your early circuit before work. And if you live in the concrete jungle and dodging traffic is a must, the Flex's reflective details will make you pop in low-light conditions.
Sale Price: $104.96
The North Face Motivation Psonic Jacket - Women's The North Face Motivation Psonic Jacket - Women's
You're hitting the crux of the climb, but you're confident that you can pull the move. The shiny rock glistens with the sprinkles of snow around you. You're wearing your Motivation Psonic Jacket, though, so your perfectly warm in all the right places so you can bust this move. The Motivation Psonic has strategic body mapped baffling so that you are warm in the spots where you need it most, but not sweating out on others, such as your hands. With securely zipping pockets, you can keep your bobbypins, tape, and shiny rocks that you find safe from getting lost mid route. With this jacket, you can expect sends to stay dry because FlashDry fabric wicks away sweat, ventilates, and keeps you warm.
Sale Price: $77.97
The North Face Thermoball Active Jacket - Women's The North Face Thermoball Active Jacket - Women's
Running in winter is confusing for your body. The North Face designed the Women's Thermoball Active Jacket to simplify the layering challenge of balancing the heat you generate with the cold conditions outside. Thermoball mimics the light and lofty nature of down insulation, but since it's a synthetic, Thermoball retains its warmth in humid environments. As you start to warm up, stretchy panels on the sleeves and sides maintain your full range of motion and let your sweat evaporate, eliminating that clammy feeling. The athletic fit reduces the possibility of bunching and chafing during your run, so you can go farther more comfortably.
Sale Price: $95.97

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