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Garmin Epix Garmin Epix
It took years of practice but you finally mastered triangulation and night-sky navigation. Now bite the billet and file all that knowledge away for a rainy day, because the Garmin Epix mapping watch is going to make it all redundant. Of course, the Epix is hardly a watch--you wear it on your wrist and it can tell you what time it is--but it's probably easier to call it a watch than a wearable touchscreen navigation computer, which is what it actually is. It comes pre-loaded with a worldwide shaded relief basemap and a one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, so you can move, zoom in, and analyze all sorts of topo (and custom) maps so you always know right where you are. The Epix features navigational ability that's powered by its GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems, which are embedded in the stainless-steel housing to provide seriously accurate worldwide location services and have different interval settings to let you choose between constant and accurate updates or more battery life. The Epix is more than a backcountry navigation watch, though. Not only will it get you to and from secret hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking spots, but it will tell you exactly how fast you're moving, how long it's taking you, how many calories you're burning, what your elevation is, how the weather is changing, what direction you're moving in, and it can even help you map and re-trace routes. This is seriously useful in the deep backcountry, but it also makes the Epix a great training tracker for runners, cyclists, endurance athletes, swimmers, skiers, snowboarders, and fitness freaks. It can sync wirelessly with your other devices so you can analyze your results and design a training plan at your leisure, and it also has a USB hookup for speedy recharging and data transfer. If you don't want to leave civilization behind completely, you can set the Epix up to display text, phone, and email alerts or to document your adventures by syncing it up to work as a rem.
Sale Price: $494.99
Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire Training Watch Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire Training Watch
Wearing a rubberized band that looks more like hazard tape or a rave party glow stick is potentially against the grain with most of life's situations, such as when in the office or at dinner with the family. The Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire Training Watch's classically styled leather strap not only sets your tone of professionalism and character, it also suggests that just like you, this watch is more than meets the eye.The Fenix 3 is loaded with features that let you take your adventures out of the gym and office. These include golf course distance downloads and fitness information from paddle sports and running, features that beg you to etch a broader definition of yourself. It also tracks lactate threshold, heart rate, and stress scores, and it maps new roads to travel with the EXO+GPS and GLONASS antenna. And if being physically distant from your urban lifestyle is all you need to make an adventure, then you can still receive email, text, and stock updates when you need it.
Sale Price: $509.99
Garmin Forerunner 25 Bundle Garmin Forerunner 25 Bundle
Running is supposed to be fun. Taking a tree to the face because you're fiddling with your overly complicated GPS unit is decidedly not fun. Garmin's Forerunner 25 Bundle serves up all the functionality you need to track your activity in a sleek, straightforward, and smooth package, so you can actually enjoy running while you keep your data game on point. Right off the bat, the Forerunner displays your pace, distance, and total time--basic features that are still some of the most important pieces of data you can have. Slap on the included heart rate strap, and it picks up heart rate and calories burned, and the watch's built-in accelerometer tracks distance and speed when you're inside, with no need for a foot pod. There are also personal record notifications and a built-in pacer, and you can store all your info on Garmin Connect for perusal at your leisure or sharing across your social media network.
Sale Price: $169.99
Garmin Forerunner 920XT Bundle Garmin Forerunner 920XT Bundle
Designed to be fully compatible with a heartrate monitor and power meter, the 920XT is just as impressive when used as a standalone training partner. It measures sleep and calories burned, so you can calculate your base metabolic needs. Added to that, it counts swim strokes, drills, and distance for laps. It even features a metronome that helps you to keep your stroke or cadence at your optimal speed, for those days when your mom isn't following you blowing a whistle. When paired with the included HRM-Run heartrate monitor and/or an optional power meter, the 920XT jumps to the next level of "wow." Not only will it estimate VO2, it even has the ability to know how long your feet stay on the ground during your run to assist with running form metrics. If that isn't smart, what is' Using any of Garmin's ANT+ power meters, you're able to receive the full list of power metrics through the 920XT. The Garmin 920XT also has smart alerts for emails and texts so you can seem like you're working when you're really getting in that second run. The 920XT weights a mere 61 grams, and given all the features, we think that's pretty impressive. The battery lasts up to 24 hours in training mode and 40 in UltraTrac mode. And of course, it also has a standard watch mode. Outside of all the features you can possible use in training, Garmin also is a part of the virtual world of Garmin Connect. The 920XT connects via a smartphone app, computer or even wirelessly. It uploads your workout files and allows you to track your training and compare data with friends. It also is compatible with the Russian GLONASS system so you won't get lost if you're ever on a long run in Siberia.
Sale Price: $424.99
Garmin Vivomove Premium Activity Tracker Garmin Vivomove Premium Activity Tracker
You spend most of your free time making dreamy eye contact with the touchscreen, full-color miniature computer you wear on your wrist as you work out, convinced it may actually be more intelligent than you are. When you trade getting feedback on vertical oscillation and cadence for real world responsibilities, you don't want to be without data entirely, but you also don't want to be weighed down by your 920XT when you're sitting at a desk. As with everything else they do, the forward-thinkers at Garmin anticipated what we needed before we did, giving us the Garmin Vivomove Premium Activity Tracker to add a dose of nostalgic-yet-savvy style to daily life. In this age of futuristic wearable fitness trackers, seeing a classic timepiece around is becoming more and more of a rarity. Adopting an analog display, steel casing, and a leather band, Garmin gives a nod to the more traditional among us, subtly integrating a daily step gauge and move bar into the display so that it's visible only if you're looking for it. The Vivomove Premium's capabilities are concise: step tracking, accelerometer for indoor workouts, sleep monitoring, a move bar, and the option to create auto goals for steps. That's all Garmin feels you need to know during your day-to-day life, and we admire the decision to not overload us with unnecessary training info when we aren't working out. As with all other Garmin products, the Vivomove comes with access to the Garmin Connect data platform, and the watch updates continuously throughout the day on its own, with no need for cables or computer access. Its simpler features mean that its replaceable coin cell battery lasts for up to a year, refreshingly making it one of the few devices you don't have to charge every night before bed.
Sale Price: $194.99
Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker
When you start wearing the Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker, don't be surprised if you start referring to it as a person, jumping up out of your chair to tell your coworkers, friends, or family that "Vivo" just said you've been sitting for too long and need to get up. It sounds crazy, but this all-day fitness tracker will change the way you think about your everyday physical activity, encouraging you to stay consistently active throughout the day rather than being focused on detailed metrics from one high-intensity workout at a time. Since this is the Vivosmart HR, you'll have the added convenience of a built-in optical heart rate monitor measuring your BPM from your wrist, rather than from a clunky strap around your chest. As you go about your day, keep an eye on your heart rate to see how it changes, and feel free to take it along with you on runs or walks without needing to swap to a different fitness watch. Based on the CDC's recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week, the Vivosmart files your workouts and will let you know if you haven't reached your daily or weekly goals. In addition to calculating your steps, the Vivosmart HR will also compute how many flights of stairs you've climbed, translating more exciting pursuits like an afternoon hike into a relatable metric. While you walk, you'll be able to stay abreast of smartphone notifications too, with the Vivosmart HR's screen giving you enough info to allow you to sort between trivial and important notifications so you can avoid being glued to your phone during your workout.
Sale Price: $116.99
Polar M430 HR Watch Polar M430 HR Watch
Make sure you're getting the most out of your workouts with the help of the Polar M430 HR Watch. This advanced watch offers a triple threat of chest strap-free optical heart rate technology, advanced GPS, and state-of-the-art running metrics. Whether you're training for a race or just trying to improve your running regime, this watch is just the ticket. Using six LED optical sensors and Polar's proprietary heart rate algorithm, the M430 HR frees you from pesky chest straps without compromising your heart rate data. It also harnesses the latest in GPS and accelerometer technology to track your speed, distance, and pace, whether you're inside or outdoors. It's also suitable for swimming, so you can use it for tri training, too. And since you shouldn't feel burdened when you're hitting your stride, Polar added a Performance wristband that offers a lighter, softer feel and superior breathability. Perhaps the most intriguing aspects of the M430 HR is its Smart Coaching features. Among the many, many coaching features designed to help you improve performance and recovery are the Sleep Plus, which provides feedback to help you achieve the best night's sleep possible, a 5-Minute Fitness Test to establish baseline metrics, and a Running Program that lets you choose from 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon targets. There are also features to help predict race time finishes, suggest required recovery times, and keep track of calories burned. Best of all, this data can be uploaded to your phone via Bluetooth and monitored via the Polar Flow app.
Sale Price: $229.03
Polar M600 GPS Sports Watch Polar M600 GPS Sports Watch
Once Polar's M600 GPS Sports Watch is strapped to your wrist, you probably won't take it off ever again. This smartwatch is suitable for any active lifestyle--runners, cyclists, hikers, mountaineers, skiers, climbers, paddlers, surfers--as well as the inactive moments in life like working, shopping, and hanging around town with friends. Multiple sport-specific profiles help you train for any marathon, mission, or moment that you're planning on. Coach and 24/7 activity tracking devices keep you focused on your training throughout the day, and it includes an alert that lets you know if you've been a little too lazy that day.The M600's integrated GPS includes accurate speed, distance, and route information so you know where you are, how far you are, and how long it will take for you to get back. Polar added a heart rate monitor underneath the watch to read your heartbeat from your wrist, and the watch is compatible with Polar's H7 sensor for more precise readings. With a waterproof housing and two-day battery life, the M600 can go on triathlon training sessions or weekend mountaineering missions without a problem. For casual use, the M600's Bluetooth compatibility allows you to connect to any Android or iOS smartphone. This connection allows you to answer calls, respond to texts, play music, navigate around town, check the weather, and stay connected to social media. Voice controls make this watch more convenient to navigate than previous versions.
Sale Price: $299.65
Suunto Ambit3 Run Heart Rate Monitor Suunto Ambit3 Run Heart Rate Monitor
It isn't the included Suunto Smart Sensor or mobile connectivity that make the Ambit3 Run Heart Monitor one of the most technological sport watches out there; it's the combination of GPS, speed, pace, distance, and altitude calculations that ready you for any training session whether you're running, cycling, swimming, or mountaineering. The GPS features waypoint and visual route navigation, track back, route planning, and track logging via Suunto's Movescount app. Suunto's Movescount app also helps you train how you want to by connecting the Ambit3 to your smartphone, with a workout planner, fitness testing, and an interval workout voice guidance. Smartphone connectivity also lets you see calls, messages, and push notifications. Suunto's Smart Sensor heart rate monitor strap records your ticker even when you're swimming, and it includes a calorie counter, recovery time, heart rate zones, and heart rate limits. The watch also features Suunto's FusedSpeed running pace, a chronograph, lap counter, LED backlighting, and a rechargeable battery that lasts for 14 days.
Sale Price: $183.99
Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Watch Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Watch
Sleep deprivation, altitude, and exhaustion can mess with your mental bearings and leave you wondering exactly where the hell you are, but Suunto's Ambit3 Vertical Watch will help you pin down your location, your destination, and the path between the two. Featuring GPS navigation, FusedAlti altitude profiles, and visual route tracking, the Ambit3 will take the guess work out of your next vertical endeavor and leave you confident in your pace, route, and progress.Suunto gave the Ambit3 virtually every feature you could want or need whether you're ultra running, trekking, cycling, or competing in a triathlon. The watch has an impressive 15-hour battery life with five-second GPS accuracy updates, but can be dialed back to one minute accuracy readings to extend the battery life up to 100 hours. To keep you oriented, the Ambit3 comes with an integrated compass, GPS navigation, and an altimeter. It's also compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, and it's functionality can be expanded with Suunto's Movescount app and other Suunto fitness/tracking apps, so you can plan routes with a topographic map, see your altitude profile, and share your adventure with the Movescount app.
Sale Price: $281.40
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch Suunto Core Altimeter Watch
The weather was clear for days as your expedition ascended 10,000 feet, but then the barometric pressure started to change and your Storm Alarm went off. Thanks to the Suunto Core Altimeter Watch, you set up your high-altitude camp ahead of the big storm and are in your sleeping bag sipping hot cocoa before it hits. Bravo.
Sale Price: $207.35
Suunto Core Crush Altimeter Watch Suunto Core Crush Altimeter Watch
Whether you're measuring total elevation gain, navigating wild landscapes by compass, or using various barometer functions to forecast the weather, the Sunnto Core Crush Altimeter Watch is the only device you'll need. A depth meter records how deep you had to dive for that Caribbean conch shell, and the Storm Alarm notifies you if there is a sudden drop in pressure, which is a potential indicator for worsening weather. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that it can tell time, too.
Sale Price: $215.40
TomTom Spark + Music HP Watch TomTom Spark + Music HP Watch
As far as your significant other is concerned, you have quite the love affair with your music collection and fitness routine, which from time to time don't always mesh. Built for music and fitness lovers alike, the TomTom Spark + Music Headphones Watch enables you to have your cake and eat it too--err, we mean listen to your music and run too. The Spark Music GPS Watch gets you back to the basics with its sleek, low-profile construction and is available for purchase in either a large or small band with no change in the Spark's actual face size. Designed to be a jack-of-all-trades, the watch covers all your bases and is equipped with 24/7 activity tracking, a multi-sport mode, GPS tracking, audio performance feedback, and wireless syncing. Additionally, the Spark comes with goal-setting and auto-sleep tracking that makes vitals tracking and overall health improvement easy as one-two-three. What makes the Spark truly unique is its ability to store 3GB or 500 songs of music storage (storage capacity is dependent on the MP3 or C file) while the included Bluetooth headphones make listening to your stored music files easy.
Sale Price: $162.47

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